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Transform how you connect and engage with your audience.

Expand your market reach, adapt your training model, boost your income.

Find Out How We Work
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What is Strongir

Strongir is an awesome web-app that connect you with new clients, advances relationships with existing ones, and enhances the personal training experience through digitising engagement. Find out more below:

We're all individual. We have different skills, personalities, interests, qualifications, and more. Show users who you are, what makes you different and how you can help them achieve their goals.

Choice is essential. We're building a solid foundation to ensure that Strongir has nothing but awesome trainers and content - keeping things exciting and keeping members motivated.

Quality is key. We vet all trainers that are able to post on Strongir, and listen to all member feedback. We plan on ensuring that all content is of the highest quality and only posted by trusted experts.

Enhance your brand

Strengthen your brand and online presence by creating a personalised profile on Strongir. It's the perfect way to express your individuality and show your clients what makes you the right trainer for them.

Engage With Clients

Connect with new clients and nurture relationship with existing ones using in-app messaging, workout planning and more. Use Strongir as your primary client engagement and motivation tool, making client management easier than ever.

Boost Your Income

Become part of the rapidly growing market that is online personal training, adding flexibility to how you work and earn from doing what you love the most. Sell your services & programmes, and collect payments seamlessly through Strongir.

Reduce Your Admin

Save time on recreating your workout plans. Build and save them directly to your Strongir profile.

Be More Social

Connect your social channels to your Strongir profile, drive traffic to them, and increase your following and engagement across multiple platforms.

Simple Pricing

Our pricing structure is currently being built on the feedback of personal trainers, with the intention of ensuring that our own revenue model is fair and does not interfere with your ability to grow your business.

Don't wait until we've launched, we'll tell you when Strongir is going live.